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"Working with Leslie has been a richly rewarding experience for me.  I have made profound positive interior changes on many levels as a result of our work together.  Leslie is compassionate, highly skilled and gentle.  I have experienced an increase in my self-confidence in addition to reducing my general anxiety.  One specific example of a success through Leslie's work was the alleviation of crippling test anxiety.  I had a very important licensing examination to take and I was able to study, retain and recall information with ease.  Leslie is a master hypnotherapist and catalyst of healing."
“When I work with Leslie, I can relax deeply and listen intently to my inner voice, which speaks in images and stories.  The work we do has helped me to unlock the powers of my imagination and this has helped me to find creative solutions to the challenges I face.”
"Do you want to find yourself, your true self? The work with Leslie is truly a transformation on many levels.  Working to heal inner dysfunction and wounds on the psyche that manifest themselves in patterns, poor choices, and various other limiting behaviors in the outer world is done through amazing imagery and hypnosis deep to the subconscious.  I have re-discovered my authentic self!"
"Dear Leslie,
I can’t thank you enough. After a lifetime of fingernail biting, I have quit without effort. From the very first session with you I have not bitten them and they look great. It’s been several months now and they look and feel so good and natural. You helped me find my true inner strength. Now after several more sessions working on other problems that I’ve had just about all my life, I am amazed at how confident and capable I am becoming. I could go on and on, but it would become a book. To sum it up, I truly feel that so many of my long pleaded prayers have been and are continuing to be answered in a very real and practical way. A way that I experience everyday. Thank you again and again."
“Dear Les, I want to thank you for the work we did together over a few months. Not only are you an amazing friend, you shine as a therapist of great calibre and depth. The fact that we are 8,000 miles apart and working by telephone made not an atom of difference to the quality of the work we did. Not only are you compassionate and non-judgmental, you have a remarkable ability to be with emotional intensity and offer direction, meaning and focus, second by second. Our work has had a profound impact on my life and enabled me to free myself even further from old, unconscious patterns. Endless thanks and love to you.”

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